Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Note from Our Friends in Canberra.

Sitting here on a very rare, wet afternoon in Canberra I thought I might
share some pictures of what's out at the moment. It's been one of our worst
summers on record both temperature and rain wise. The garden has suffered
and our pockets are a lot lighter after the last water bill. I believe we
have the most expensive water in Australia, but the plants are worth it. 
How nice it is to get to autumn. The Sternbergia is beautiful to see nestled
between two English Box plants. We've had that batch in for a few years now
Nice to see the yellow and can't wait for the Daffodils (and snowdrops). The
Colchicum I believe is byzantium, (please correct me if I'm wrong). It's a
bit droopy after the rain yesterday. I can see lots of other crocus just
starting to show themselves after the wet also. Amazing what a bit of rain does.
The Brunsvigia is not ours. It's owned by a close friend Maureen Howe. She's
had it for a few years and can't remember where she got it from. We've never
seen anything like it. Maureen is a person that you pass on bulbs to her if
you can't get them to flower. We had a F. Imperialis from Otto that Maureen
has flowered previously. She has a garden with over 120 maples, mostly
weeping that not many get to see. A stunning garden.
We're coming to the Melbourne International Flower show next week.
It's been on Dariens bucket list for a while so looking forward to it.

All the best.
Col & Darien.

Brunsvigia Josephinae

Brunsvigia Josephinae

Colchicum byzantinum now called Colchicum cilicicum Col, according to Brian Mathew book on Dwarf Bulbs. Lovely to hear from you Col and Darien. 

Sternbergia lutea

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