Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trough Day

Eyes light up on the arrival of the cement mixer.

Wouldn't have gone so smoothly without Peter.

 Two onlookers Cynthia and Otto giving the odd direction or two.

 Everyone is busy

"And I am in my best clothes" was the quote.

Yours truly giving directions

Such concentration from Joy, Fermi and onlookers.

Margaret giving Jon a hand.

Some of us looked very stylish.

Faye struggling with her moving container.

Lorraine with her oval pot she carried all around Prague, well she couldn't buy plants.

A very in-depth conversation with Susan, Pam and Marg.

Debbie getting her hands in there.

Our President Di getting that surface smooth, I think a good day was had by all, already talk of another small trough day for next year.

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