Sunday, March 19, 2017

Small Trough Workshop

 These are two of the small trough's I made at our last trough making day, we are holding another workshop this Saturday 25th March at 2.00pm at the Olinda community house next to the Olinda swimming pool Melway's Map Ref 122 A7. You will need to book if you are thinking of coming along.
Or you can put your name down in the comments and I will see it and add your name to our list, there is a small charge $25.00 for non members, and you need to bring a couple of old salad bowls, or small dish.
This square shaped small trough was over a 17cm square salad bowl.

Sempervivum arachnoideum growing in the trough above, I thought you may be interested to see it up close. I always had trouble believing these sedums were Alpine until I saw them growing in the Mountains of Spain and that changed my mind. They do love full sun to get these cobwebs all over them.

Saxifraga minutifolia growing in another small trough over a round 12cm shaped salad bowl.

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