Sunday, July 17, 2016

Galanthus from Canberra

The next lot of Galanthus are unnamed from south Canberra growing in the back yard of a quarter acre block with blackbirds disturbing the labels, or the sun fading them. The pictures are from our members Col and Darien growing beautifully in their extreme temperatures, they grow 30-40 weeping maples throughout the garden sheltering the Galanthus in summer. This year of course they missed the autumn colour due to a hugh hail storm that came through on January 26th. All of the leaves were stripped from everything and they lost 3 of their cars. Col and Darien travelled to Melbourne for the lecture on Galanthus by John Grimshaw held several years ago. Darien is the plantaholic and Col is the labourer and does as he is directed, they grow miniature daffodils and Crocus and of course the Galanthus. They show their dwarf daffodils at the Canberra Horticulture Society shows but strictly on the social side of things. Darien has about 30 different Hellebores, mostly from Post Office Farm, and they travel down to Peter's open days. Darien also collects alpine plants growing under shade cloth, at the moment their Camellias are looking great, as do the Clematis, Magnolias, Epimediums, Erythroniums, Iris reticulata, and more Col says you're probably wondering how they fit this all on their 1/4 acre block so does he.
Water is a problem as it is with all of us they have a couple of tanks but tend to save them for emergencies such as water restrictions and bush fires. Col nearly forgot Darien's collection of tuberous Begonias, she grows about 30 of them and they love Canberra's weather in another shade house.
As with most plantaholics they do travel around to buy the plants for their garden Melbourne, and the Blue Mountains to see David Kennedy and Lynn Mc Gough. Pay pal takes a pounding on the internet too. They will be down to Otto's to see his garden and catch up with us then, looking forward to it Colin.

Galanthus self sown in the cracks of the paving.

Cyclamen alpinum with Galanthus in the background.

Narcissus 'Ta Julia Group'

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