Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Iris photo's from Otto

Otto sent a message saying he enjoyed the article on Galanthus and has sent pictures of 5 beautiful Juno Iris out in his garden at the moment. The first is Iris stenophylla ssp. stenophylla seed grown, growing in his glass house in ordinary potting mix with added course uneven textured sand mixed through.
When planting the Iris in the garden or in tall pots the bulbs are positioned on a base of course sand with the course sand spread around the bulbs and top dressed with more course sand  up to the collar of the Iris. Otto said you can also use 1/4minus gravel instead of course sand, and all the Iris above and below are treated in this way.

Iris aucheri 'Shooting Star' above and below growing in the garden from Marcus Harvey, Hill View Rare Plants.

Iris rosenbachiana 'Harangon' from Russia growing in the Glass House from seed.

Iris x Sindpers from Marcus Harvey who imported it from New Zealand.

Iris bucharia 'Dushanbe' an Iris Otto imported from Janis Ruksans. Janis Ruksans book called Buried Treasures has article's and pictures on this and some of the other Juno Iris that Otto grows.

Iris nussairiensis alba.

Iris graeberiana-coerulea.

Iris bucharica x Warleyensis.

Iris persica no longer alive.

Iris vicaria.

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