Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Winter flowers in Jon's Garden.

Some photos of Crocuses and Galanthus that are flowering in my garden at the moment. This year I'm finding that some potted bulbs are flowering early but only some of the bulbs in the pot are coming up (I think maybe the ones on the side facing North). For instance I have a pot of Crocus sieberi 'Spring Beauty' with only 3 of the 7 corms up and flowering at present. I haven't had a chance to photograph crocus reticulates ssp reticulatus closed to show the feathering on the outer petals. I didn't think that they would flower this year because the corms looked pretty small even though this will be their 3rd season after germinating. The Galanthus was kindly given to me by Otto. I purchased the crocus imperati from David Glenn's Lambley nursery a few years ago. He states that he originally obtained it from Otto over 35 years ago. I love it because its not only beautiful but also one of the first crocuses to flower in winter (sometimes flowering in June). 
The information from Marcus Harvey was that the Crocus reticulates ssp reticulatus seed was collected at 1300m on Mount Falakro in northern Greece. "It's the only known Greek site for this species where it occurs alongside Crocus biflorus ssp alexandrii. The flowers open up like stars in the sun. When closed you can see the deep purple, strongly striped exterior". I can see another flower coming up and I'll hopefully get a photo of the exterior once it flowers. 

Crocus sieberi Spring Beauty

Crocus imperati (just gorgeous)

Crocus reticulatus reticulatus

Galanthus Spindlestone Suprise

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