Sunday, June 26, 2016

On a freezing cold day in the Dandenongs.

 For the last 3 weeks this little daffodil has been in flower, last year it was early too the first one to flower. Narcissus Cedric about 20cm,when I picked the flower to bring inside I noticed the wonderful perfume it had, quite strong. I went to my notes it came from Glenbrook 2014, so I tried to find my Glenbrook catalogue for that year, missing, on to the internet, all it came up with was Narcissus Cedric Morris, I must have left the Morris off in my book and label I'm usually fairly careful but I make mistakes.

So I thought I would write to Rod at Glenbrook to see what had happened, yes it was N. Cedric I had not left off the Morris it was one of Rod's crosses or grex (Group of siblings)  as 'Glenbrook Cedrics' the pollen parent of Glenbrook Cedrics was Narcissus minor and Narcissus Cedric Morris.
The seed parent of Glenbrook Cedrics is an unregistered seedling which Rod raised. Narcissus Cedric Morris is very slow to multiply for Rod but his Narcissus Cedric's off spring multiply well as mine have here in the 3 years I have had it and last year it set seed so will wait to see what happens with them. Rod also mentioned the story of Narcissus Cedric Morris in his letter, which I had read about on the internet which in itself is fascinating he quoted John Blanchard's book on Narcissus page 154 but in case you do not have this book I will tell you Narcissus Cedric Morris is 25cm 10" is one of the earliest daffodils to flower a perfectly formed longish trumpet for its size.
Cedric Morris an artist 1898 to1982 founded the East Anglian school of painting and drawing at Benton End UK. Some where around 1956 Basil Leng a friend of Sir Cedric Morris was driving along the Costa Verde of northern Spain in the area of Ribalden and noticed a Narcissus in nearly ripe seed at a time when others around were still in flower. He collected the bulbs and gave them to Sir Cedric Morris who grew them for many years. He generously gave Beth Chatto and another to John Blachards father and John Blanchard still has his small collection. Beth Chatto exhibited the Narcissus in 1978 and won an Award of Merit. Beth Chatto grew it on successfully and eventually named it for him after his death with Basil Leng's pemission. On Sir Cedric Morris's 90th birthday Beth took a potful of the Narcissus to him as it had vanished from his garden.
It has not been decided whether this daffodil is a specie or hybrid, but Basil Leng later re-visited the site with a view to find some more, but the road had been widened and there were no signs of any Narcissus.
Beth Chato sells this daffodil which is out of stock at the moment 6.83pounds approx $12.00 Australia.
Rod does not have any for sale at this time. 
Just shows you what you find out when you think you have made a mistake and how important it is to spread plants around as they can be lost forever.

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