Monday, June 27, 2016

In flower this week

 Narcissus galligaskins from Fermi and Will, Bunfight 2014 another of Rod Barwick's, Glenbrook bred Daffodils not very tall about 8cm high. A lovely little hoop petticoat daffodil  thank you Fermi & Will.

Eranthis cilicica from New Zealand Alpine Garden Soc. seed  1994. I do grow this little Eranthis in a trough because we have so many beech leaves, when it comes into flower it gets swamped with leaves, I know they love leaf mulch but not as thick as what it would get in the garden and when I do get enough plants I will put some in the garden.

Androcymbium ciliolatum a Sth African bulb from Wilma Yee 2000. I don't grow this bulb in the garden, I always grow it in a pot as it does better for me. I sit it on a large flat stone in the open garden and it flowers its heart out every year.

Tulipa cretica from Otto many years ago, this Tulipa loves it here in the Dandenong's it has set seed every year I have had it, which I put on the Seed ex's each year. Full sun and well drained position.

Not a rock garden plant but ok for the back of the woodland, which is where it likes to grow, moist semi shaded position from Marg Taras, Leucojum Gravetente Giant.

Scilla cilicica is from one of our passionate founding members Wilma Yee 9/2003, Chris gave me some of Wilma's packets of seed and it germinated, it enjoy's a little shade and not a hot dry position, plant towards the front of the garden, it is not exactly boisterous, but is multiplying slowly. Otto has given me some seed of Scilla cilicica collected in Syria that has germinated well, I think they were from his bulbs.

 Saxifraga hostii rhaetica SRG seed 3411 3/ 2010, This encrusted Saxifraga has grown well and looks lovely in winter, it is now getting a little size to it, you wouldn't want to be in a hurry though.

Hebe sp. from Craig at Gentiana Nursery this has formed a lovely small shrub for the rock garden. full sun.

Galanthus fosteri from Archibald seed from 1997. 508.500 his notes that I have said it was collected in Turkey 1,250m or feet I haven't made a note of that. Sadly I have lost a lot of my Galanthus in our move to our new garden, they did not like being in potting mix for 2 years and unknowingly I dug holes in the garden and left the potting mix around the bulbs which was a hugh mistake. It is not going to be easy to replace them, as Marcus from Hill View Rare Plants is not selling Galanthus or bulbs, and he was my main source of Galanthus bulbs. Luckily I have 1 or 2 of this Galanthus left.

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