Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beautiful Photography 

It certainly looks like Jon does not need any lessons in photography, when you look at these beautiful photographs. No wonder he excelled at our last photography course. Please click on the pictures to see the stamens and inner parts of these flowers. Above is Hepatica nobilis Jon's words as follows; I grow Hepatica nobilis in a deep pot filled with a free draining quality potting mix. I've read that they like a deep root run. From late autumn to mid spring I make sure the pot receives full sun. The rest of the year I place the pot under the filtered light of a tree canopy. I keep the pot moist all year and add some slow release fertiliser and some compost to the top of the soil in autumn. Because we can have very hot dry weather in summers. I try and surround the pot with other potted plants. This forms a barrier (for the pot) to reduce the effect of the hot drying winds.

Galanthus Ophelia.

Galanthus Spindlestone Surprise.

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