Tuesday, October 6, 2015

 Victorian Celmisia's
Our first Victorian Celmisia is a very difficult Celmisia to grow in our gardens, Celmisia sericophylla is easy to propagate from cuttings as are most of the Celmisia's, but Celmisia sericophylla grows on the edge of running water or a very water logged bog. I have grown it for a few years in a pot standing in a saucer of water not allowing it to dry out, it is not long lived this way and will only last for 2 to 3 years. This photo was taken at Mount Hotham Victoria.

Celmisia astellifolia ? the names of our Celmisia's are not easy to find any where except in the draws of the Botanic Gardens as we lack the resources to print all the research and botanising that has been done on this genus. New Zealand seems to have all their Celmisia's named, but to find any printed information in Australia is nigh on impossible.
I took cuttings from my last garden of this and the following Celmisia,  I used #3 hormone powder and put them into Perlite and peat, the cuttings need to be taken as close to the plant as possible so that the leaves all hold together and it has a small basal plate. They were left out side in the weather until my glass house went up, by that time they had rooted and I just potted them into 6" pots. The proof is the two strong growing plants below.

Celmisia longifolia?. Bogon Celmisia it was labelled as, a Bunfight plant from David Glen 1981 when he was a member of our Alpine group. A beautiful strong growing Celmisia with linear tufted leaves are green above, silvery hairy beneath. Both are growing happily in an open sunny position.

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