Sunday, October 11, 2015

Menziesia ciliicalyx

Menziesia ciliicalyx from the Ericaceae family. A gorgeous little dwarf shrub gets to a meter but takes a long time to get there. From North America, Eastern Asia and Japan, flowers are little upside down nodding pink urn shaped flowers. I first learn't about Menziesia's from Felice Blake one of our founding member's and what a wonderful plants women Felice was, but my plant came from another wonderful plants man Otto a gift for my new garden. But in my old garden my Menziesia's came from Mr Arnold Teese, Yamina Nursery they sold 3 varieties Menziesia ciliicalyx autumn foliage, Menziesia ciliicalyx and Menziesia multiflora, this is an equally a slow growing shrub with elongated drooping bells which are pale cream, I'm not sure where any of the Menziesia's are for sale now Don Teese does not have any for sale but I spoke to Fred Scot at Peter Teese's Nursery and he thought there may be some there. Some of our Tasmanian Nurseries may also have some for sale.
They need a moist shaded spot in the garden and cuttings are best taken in late January or early February like Rhododendrons, just tip cuttings, a shallow wound with a sharp scalpel, (not the kitchen knife), hormone powder or liquid and stick into Perlite and peat making a hole in the Perlite and peat first as you will push the bark away from the stem causing the cuttings to rot. Do not allow cuttings to dry out, mist and bottom heat is the best way to strike the cuttings.

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