Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Otto grow's quite a variety of Pleione's including one named after him Pleione 'Otto Fauser'.

This is how Otto grows his Pleiones. On a stand out in the open all year round, even though it is advised to keep the pseudo bulbs on the dry side over winter, perhaps under the staging of your glass house, but I am to lazy to shift them. Repot every year or every second year (before flowers appear) in a mix of leaf mould, sand and course Perlite or bark whatever is handy, they are easy to please. When in leaf after flowering I give them every few weeks a half strength liquid fertiliser till about March, and grow in half shade. Enclosed a photo from today Pleione 'Shantung'. Pleione 'Otto Fauser' is not out yet.
A close up of Pleione 'Shantung' below, Pleione 'Canberra' is in the back ground of Otto's photo with
Draba mollissima on left hand side.

Trillium rivale dark form is from me and the two smaller pots in the front are from Joy in New Zealand
seed 2001, Trillium rivale 'Purple Heart'.

Trillium rivale. 

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