Monday, September 28, 2015

Stephen Ryan from Dicksonia Nursery speaking to our group on Saturday night, a very interesting talk on Queyras, The Alps of South East France it never ceases to amaze us the variation of plants one finds when walking through the Mountains and getting up to heights of 3,000m. Thank you Stephen we throughly enjoyed your talk. 

The bench full of wonderful flowers and bulbs a lovely vase full of Aquilegia's grown by Jon from seed, Touchwood Aquilegia Garden, a Welsh Nursery specialising in Aquilegia's. No sign of downy mildew, Peronospora sp. to find out what is happening to their collection visit their web site in links under seed Nurseries.

Fritillaria graeca shown by Sue. 

Albuca namaquensis from Cynthia, likes the warmer climate.

Iris lutescens by Palmiro alway's has some lovely plants, beautifully grown and displayed.

Verity's first plant for the display bench? may not be her first but the first time she has spoken about any of her plants Moraea tripetala. It takes courage to get up in front of an audience Thank you Verity and a gorgeous Moraea it is too.

Josie's pan full to the brim of Narcissus bulbacodium 'Solveig's Song' raised by Rannweig Wallis in Wales. Wales was well represented on the bench.

Lachenalia arbuthnotiae? from Josie.

 Trillium rivale 'Purple Heart' from Otto.

 Pleione 'Canberra' from Otto, there will be more to come from otto this month on his mix and how he grows his Pleione's and where he grows them.

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