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Autumn Flowering bulbs by members.

                       Autumn Flowering Bulbs by Members.  

Now is the time to be thinking about autumn bulbs so that we have a succession of bulbs flowering all year, to provide colour and interest. All of the bulbs below are grown out in our summer heat, most are in full sun, and most are relatively easy to cultivate.

Acis autumnalis above photo Fermi, one of the easiest bulbs to grow and seed for you. It always looks so delicate and beautiful, but is extremely hardy in Australia. 

Bessera elegans photo Fermi.

Biarum davisii photo Jon B.

Biarum ochridense collection number MT4629 Iran and Iraq by Mathews and Tomlinson grows in the garden, likes a bit of potash to help it flower each year in full sun.

Calostemma purpureum an Australian native bulb of the Amarylidaceae family with Belladona Lily Nerine's and Narcissus all belonging to it. Found growing in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The flowers can be cream, yellow, pink and purple. Flowering through summer and well into Autumn in flood plains to Rocky slopes,  photo Fermi

Colchicum corsicum and at the back is Sternbergia sicula photo Fermi.

Colchicum cupanii flowers out fully above C. cupani in stages below photo Jon B. Jon is one of our best growers of C. cupani and he has provided nearly all of our group with Colchicum cupani to add to their collections and gardens.

Colchicum variegatum a good form Jon B. from Marcus Harvey collected seed, Greece.

Colchicum macrophyllum Bulbs from Marcus Harvey.

Crocus pallasii variety Homeri, Marcus Harvey Jon B. photo.

Crocus mathewii now I know we have done autumn flowering Crocus on here before but these were very special and beautiful we wanted to share these photos Jon B. photo.

Crocus speciosus I was going through some of Ottos old photo's and I came across this one, simple and beautiful.

Crossyne flava photo Fermi, as you can see wedged in between rocks to keep roots cool and dry.


Cyclamen rohlfsianum bulb supplied by Otto, given to Fermi and Will as it would not flower for Otto.
But flowers beautifully for Fermi and Will. It is growing under the ledge of a very large rock that gives shade and protection from summer showers. Fermi told us he has seed for our seed exchange.

                             Cyclamen mirabile a very lovely good form. Jon B. Photo.

                    Cyclamen mirabile anther lovely form with a Christmas tree centre. Jon.B photo.

Cyclamen graecum how I love Cyclamen graecum with it beautiful strong growth and leaves. Very easy in Australia. Photo Will & Fermi.

Habranthus brachandrus above and below photo Fermi & Will. 

Habranthus a very pretty hybrid (Habranthus robustus x Habranthus martinezii) Will & Ferm's photo.

                                   Habranthus hybrid #2 Will & Fermi's photo above and below.

Habranthus tubispathus one of my favourites, there is something about its shape and colours that look very old fashioned. Will & Fermi Photo

A lovely Haemanthus barkerae bulb  raised from Silver Hill seeds 2003 growing in the bulb bed. Fermi & Will photo.

Iris vartanii this rare Iris grown by Jon B. so beautifully, although he did say to me that because we had such a wet Spring he has lost quite a few bulbs. None the less so lovely to see a bulbous Iris in the Autumn flowering, photo Jon.

Lachenalia paucifolia photo Jon B.

Lycoris incarnata I find the Lycoris difficult for me as we receive too much rain in the summer months not that I am complaining.  Fermi & Will Photo

Lycoris radiate and so aptly named photo Fermi & Will.

Lycoris sprengeri photo Fermi and Will.

Moraea polystachya Fermi and Will grow quite a few Moraea in their climate.

Narcissus deficiens one of my favourite little Narcissi, in Fermi & Will's Rock Garden.

Narcissus First Stanza from Lawrence Trevanion Fermi & Will.

Narcissus serotinus Jon B. grows most of his bulbs in pots, in a bulb mix and top dresses with grit.

Narcissus tazette italicus Fermi & Will

Narcissus viridifolia and wild life who could leave this out of Autumn favourites. Jon B. Photo.

I will post the next lot of Autumn Flowering bulbs next month.
No they are not Olives but seed of Galanthus Spindle Stone Surprise I've moist packed them and they will be available on our seed exchange.

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