Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The High Country

Recently Helen has been up in the High Country as we call it, Falls Creek is the area where Helen completed a 45kilometeter hike over 4 days and three nights camping at Johnston Hut, Edmonson Hut and Wallaces Hut. Helen says it was a real thrill for her to see so many different plants massed together.
Scaevela hookeri (creeping fan flower) were on Mt Nelse with Gentians and Celmisia.
Helen thinks January is a better time to visit Falls Creek as a lot of the Celmisia's had finished flowering by February but the Wahlenbergia may not have been in full flower.

Wahlenbergia gloriosa up around Wallaces Hut 

On the track to Mt Cope Helichrysum acuminatum (orange everlasting)

Oreomyrrhis brevipes (Rock Caraway)

 Podolepis robusta (Alpine Podolepis)

Euphrasia collina subsp. diversicolor (Eye bright)  alongside Celmisia pugioniformis

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