Monday, August 21, 2017

A lovely message from Canberra

    Hi Viv,

We couldn't let this winter end without sharing a few pics.
What started off as a very dry winter ended to be a great year for the
winter flowering things in the garden. This year I have spread out a lot of
the Galanthus so that we don't get one mass of them like the picture above
(taking over). But mind you I don't care if they do take over. It's so
beautiful to see them start coming through. We wait all year for it. We
didn't realise how many crocus we had until this year. They've never done as
well other years. The big problem is the blackbirds and tags though. Can't
keep track of the names unfortunately. Hellebores are the main flowers in
the garden now. They seem to be early too. Some of the yellows are setting
seed heads already. What a beautiful end to winter. Although we have had a
couple of minus 8's this year the results have been great.
We've booked to come on a 'Secret Garden Tour' including your garden so
we'll catch up then.
Col & Darien.

A mixture of Crocus vernus.

Crocus tommasinianus Pictus above and below

Looks like Crocus tommasinianus Taplow Ruby?

Crocus sieberi Tricolor in front and is it Crocus sieberi ? at the back.

Narcissus The Dansant has increased from last year.

Narcissus L. Trevanion a chubby little flower.

Narcissus miniature no name.

Galanthus Desdemona hybrid cultivar

Galanthus Eric's Choice thank you for this photo, did not know this one was in Australia I will add this photo to my file of Galanthus in Australia.

Galanthus Titania a very good double.

Eranthis they are so cheery aren't they, would brighten any day.

Taking over is the photo's name, who wouldn't want this in their garden.
Thank you so much Darien and Colin for sharing these photo's each year, I look forward to hearing from you both.

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