Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Four Gorgeous Gardens in one day.

Starting at 10.00am in our first garden in Mt Dandenong was Joy and George's woodland setting garden, what a mammoth effort we go to to have our gardens looking their best that we can, for people to look at and admire. Our Alpine Garden Soc. were visiting four gardens last Saturday and we were all anticipating our visit.  I will show you some of the features and plants that were on display on a glorious sunny day. Three of the gardens were all in a row and we just simply walked from one garden to another having morning tea, lunch and then driving to Marg's new downsized garden in Croydon, which gave all of our members, who have recently downsized plenty of idea's.

The pendant, perfumed, hanging flowers of Magnolia wilsonii above and below.

Paeony mlokosewitschii in perfect condition.

Our next garden is owned by Pam and Geoff.

A lovely combination of Ajuga Catalins giant? and Lily of the valley.

Growing in a shady position in a pot from Marcelle, grew Sanicula caerulescens from the moist, mountain woodlands of China, when happy will gently self sow, providing plant's for our Bun Fight or to put in other positions in the garden.

A selection of Heuchera and black mondo grass, an artists pallet, colour combination.

Iris innominata hybrid in a sunny position.

Australian native Thomasia pygmaea a dwarf growing shrub approx 20cm high and wide. When you look closely you can see the spots on the flowers.

Our New South Wales Waratah, Telopea speciosissima. 

A plant that caused much chatter is it an Aster? it is out early! I thought it was not an Aster but an Olearia, Fermi to the rescue Olearia phlogopappa Comber's Pink

Pam and Geoff's crevice garden, only a small section of it.

Our third Garden with a beautiful wide rock wall with the perfect height to sit on by Edna Walling, who as a young woman used to come and stay and visit this garden.

Three colourful little chaps.

The fourth garden of the day, Marg's garden in Croydon, Phlomis italica pink.

A group of troughs above and a close up of the flowers below.

Marg's antique trough she picked up in a junk yard in or near Canberra below.( click on the photo to see it clearer) 

Thank you to the owners of these four lovely gardens for all your hard work and allowing us to visit your private piece of heaven, on behalf of the committee and member's.

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