Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flowers out at the moment

Gentiana angustifolia Iceberg from Otto doing well, I first saw these white Gentian's when we were  visiting gardens in the United Kingdom, of course I coveted them and then Otto said he had one so I was very pleased to get a piece. This Gentian is growing in a trough in semi shade.

The spring flowering Gentian's are all growing beautifully, they are all from seed and growing in troughs, the blue Gentian verna is from AGS seed 3109  3/2010 they did flower last year but only had 2 or 3 flowers, this year there are many more and they have bulked up. I just hope they survive our summer that is coming. We saw these beautiful Gentians all through the Alps in Spain and France coming up through the grass.

Gentiana verna Alba also from AGS seed 3175 2/2012 The seed germinated and is growing out side in a cool shaded position, apparently the are very touchy and do not like to be disturbed once they germinate, so I just planted the seedlings straight into the troughs from the tubes and they did not turn a hair, so maybe that is the best way not to disturb the roots.

Geranium maderense Alba a small seedling given to me by Marg Taras, growing in a shady position and with all of our rain this year it is just over a meter high.

I love this spindly looking bulb with its beautiful sky blue flowers, needing full sun in a well drained position Leucocoryne ixiodes is growing next to Cyclamen graecum, so letting you know how hot and dry it likes it.

Lewisia tweedyi Lemon Yellow SRG seed 2398  2/2015. We saw a large pan of this Lewisia in Cyril Lafong's glass house in Scotland, the pan was approximately 30cm across and a mass of flowers, and what a glass house it was, just full to the brim with perfectly grown alpine plants.

Lewisia tweedyi SRG seed 2397  2/ 2015 so both of the Lewisia's are quite fast growing and flowering from seed, they are very rewarding.

Polygonum tenuicaule a native of Japan growing in a moist shady position, flowers nearly all year for me. To appreciate its quiet beauty you need to see it at close quarters.

Delphineum luteum AGS seed 2332 1/2015 now called Delphineum nudicaule var. luteum and is not long lived and seed needs to be kept to keep the plant growing in cultivation, treat it as a biennial. It also enjoys a semi shaded position.

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