Thursday, November 24, 2016

Famous Plantsmen.

Talking about famous plants men and early botanists Di our president and Margaret will be speaking this Saturday 26th November at 8.00pm at the Olinda Community Centre. 

I received some photos from Otto that he has had scanned and since our meeting will be about famous plants men I thought I could include these photo's.
Otto in Afghanistan1971, when Otto travelled to Afghanistan it was a peaceful country, there was still a King in his palace in Kabul above and below.

At the International Rock Garden conference in Harrogate 1971 (left) Paul Furse a bulb grower and botanical artist, he did the botanical Cyclamen illustrations for Collins Guide to Bulbs by Patrick M Synge.
E B Anderson (right) a very clever bulb grower. When Otto visited E B Andersons garden in Lower Slaughter he had Iris reticulata Katharine Hodgkin a hybrid that he had raised out in flower in its 2nd year to flower.                                                                                        

 Wilhelm Schacht from Munich Botanical Gardens of Iris schachtii fame (left) and Oleg Polunin (right) a Fritillaria and a Saxifraga named after him, he is also the author of Flowers of the Himalaya, Flowers of Greece and the Balkans and Flowers of Europe a field guide a busy writer.

Scottish Rock Garden conference Robbert Ruffier-Lanche, Grenoble Alpine Garden France, he stayed at Hegg Hill with Paul and Polly Furse when Otto stayed there. Ken Aslet Alpine Department, Wisley and a young Otto.

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