Monday, November 14, 2016

A day in the garden

Ramonda myconi little baby bunnies love chewing off the flowers of Ramonda and just leaving them on the ground to rot as if its not hard enough to grow Ramonda's at the best of times, the white Cockatoo's love them too, chomping them off at the ground and they do not re shoot so I have propagated the leaves as cuttings, hoping that some of them will grow. So my Ramonda's spend most of their lives under wire netting.

Ramonda myconi Alba

I was very pleased to get a replacement plant of Mrs Olive Craig Blue Eyed Dianthus from Otto recently.  That is the name Mrs Craig called this lovely Dianthus as no one could put a name to it and it still maintains that name today. Mrs Craig was one of our founding members.

A lovely easy Dianthus alpinus.

Verbascum dumulosum growing in the glass house, I'm never game to put this Verbascum in the garden. If I did some cuttings I could try one in the garden. It does not like cold wet weather of which we have had plenty of so far this year, we are never happy are we with the weather. I hear from one of our members Jon, he and I are both struggling with the slugs and snails with all the rain we have had. We have the large big black slug from Europe in this garden and each morning I go out with a container of very hot water and dispose of the slugs.

 Geum Beech House Apricot from AGS seed 2013, being from seed not sure if this is the exact colour but it is exceptional, it has loved the weather conditions we have thrown at it, all the perennial's have flourished with all the extra rain. Above and below.

 Fermi's Phlox from the Bun Fight in 2007 Phlox brittonii Rosea. Below.

 Another Phlox from the Bun Fight, Phlox Rita from Pam 

Watsonia brevifolia Dusty Pink from a gardening friend.

Watsonia brevifolia from New Zealand seed.
Speaking of New Zealand we wish our gardening friends the very best as they go through another bout of earth Quakes, as I grizzle about bunnies and weather I can not imagine what they are going through, our thoughts and best wishes go out to you.

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