Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trillium Seed Germination.

 I have been in touch with Gabriela from Botanically inclined  to see what seed she is selling in Erythronium seed, Gabriela sells a lot of moist packaged seed. I know from experience the moist packaged seed germinates far better than dried out seed of some species. I asked Gabriela if I could add her to our Nursery site and she kindly sent me this information on germination of her Trillium seed, with her permission I have include it on our blog;
If you are interested to know - I clean my Trillium seeds (and all other moist-packed species) before placing them in moist storage (vermiculite). Absolutely no mold.
I have T. erectum seeds of last year, which have germinated in the bag (wanted for myself and no space for more pots...;) plan to pot them soon (I'll take a picture if you want).  
Here are a few images: first T. grandiflorum seeds of this year (late July coll.) - about 30-50% of the seeds start germinating by fall. There is no way of saying why and which will germinate and which not.
I always collect extra because I know this will happen.

Then, T. erectum - seeds of last year (2015). Kept in the bag (easy to move warm to cold and warm). At this point I will pot them and leave the pots outside. Coming spring the leaves will appear. Notice how the cotyledons remain attached in the seed, feeding from the endosperm.

I've grown this way almost all species I keep moist: Maianthemum, Uvularia, Polygonatum - ie. the kind that in the first year only form a rhizome and in the second leaves.
You need to manage very well the moisture level in the bag but otherwise is a great space saving.
Last year I had few Erythronium seeds left, they started to germinate towards spring and I sent them to someone in UK like that; don't know how they did afterwards.

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