Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The first of summer flowers and foliage.

Hieracium lanata syn. Andryala lanata from Europe before the dandelion flowers appear and if you do not want the seed best to remove flowers before they seed. A beautiful silver foliage plant easy from seed and loves our Australian summers hot and dry.

Lamium 'Beacon Silver' not a rock garden plant but a lovely ground cover of semi shade propagate by cuttings.

Echium russicum about 40 cm high needs full sun with gorgeous pink flowers close up below from Europe loving our sun shine. Needs to be at the back of the rock garden as it is a bit tall for the middle where I have it planted, but a lovely plant just the same.

Leptospermum scoparium "Nichollsii' an import from New Zealand many years ago only about 8cm high but I am expecting it to get about 40cm wide.

Phlox romeria a lovely large flowering annual from AGS seed 2-3 years ago full sun.

 Scutellaria indica 'Alba' from our Bun Fight about 10 years ago another easy plant for a sunny position. Comes from Japan only, I also have the lovely mauve form that self sows around.

Scutellaria orientalis tufted mat with a woody base in winter, pure yellow flowers with no red spots which can be found on some forms. My plants came from Bill Maxwell raised from seed from Turkey.

Silene? with lovely clear pink flowers with silvery hairy leaves. Raised by Aaron from seed as Silene hookeri which clearly it isn't, but it could be Lychnis flos-jovis native of France, Switzerland and Northern Italy growing in the Alps in dry sunny places what ever it's lovely.

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Jon B said...

Always a great day when visiting Antique Perennials. What a great job you are doing with this website Viv! I love all the photos and background information. Keep it coming!