Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Visit to Antique Perennials Gardens and Nursery.

Once again Mike and Matt, Antique Perennials gave the AGSVG Group a warm welcome.  We met at the new Nursery and chatted whilst waiting for everyone in the sunshine. We then commenced the afternoon by viewing both gardens, which have grown dramatically since our last visit.  The gardens appear as if they have been part of the landscape for a long time and is a real testament to the hard work both families have put into creating something special. I think everyone came away with new ideas as to planting and design. Loved the gravel gardens at Matts with the Santolini in full flower, the silver foliage and button yellow flowers amongst the gravel. Then there was the copse of purple leafed birch looking spectacular. At Mikes, the bank of Epimediums that were growing and self seeding along the wall. There was something for everyone to enjoy at both gardens.
From the gardens we journeyed back to the Nursery to consider what would attract us this time. As always lots of interesting stock and trying to decide which special gems to buy or just both! Again lots to consider and questions to ask and plenty of discussion. As always, a special day at Antique Perennials.
Di Barry President.

The burnt out tree left as a reminder of what has been before.

People milling around Matts back garden, with the gravel garden and New house in the back ground.

Mikes Garden with the beautiful big pots, and Epimedium wall just below them.

The distinctive purple pots of Antique Perennials Nursery. 

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