Friday, September 18, 2015

On this beautiful day today, I went to water Aaron's glass house and took my camera with me and there were some beautiful plants in full flower.

 Erythronium hendersonii just on the edge of the round beds that Aaron grows
his wood land plants in with perfect drainage.

Epimedium 'Hot Lips' an import of Lynn Mc Gough's 'Rare plants Nursery'. What a wonderful plant it is.

Trillium albidum? with beautifully marked foliage.

 Trillium rivale a mix of colours, seed from his mum.

 Trillium chloropetalum with the white Primula kisoana on the left and a Paris on the right, just coming into flower.

Anemone x Lipsiensis an import from Otto many years ago, does very well in Australia.

Anemone pavonina in the rock garden which faces West.

 Saxifraga jenkinsae.

One of the 3 round raised woodland beds that Aaron grows a wide range of woodland plants in.

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