Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fruits of our labour.

Sometimes when you are ordering seed you wonder if it will germinate, is it worth ordering more
seed. Of course not all of it does germinate but the main objective of our group and by our founding members, was that you have to belong to the AGS in the UK to raise plants from seed,
as there were very few alpine plants for sale in Australia. Most of the members belonged to the
Scottish Rock Garden club as well, they also have and had an excellent seed exchange and Bulletin.
It is addictive raising plants from seed and you have to keep working to buy more of it. Its a full time career just keeping up with cataloguing of where the seed was purchased and what will I order next year. But when they flower and you see your results you know, you are hooked on this seed raising business.
I'm not the only one, we are a small group but when you see the display benches each month and each person gets up to explain that their plant is from the SRGC or the AGS seed exchange, you know you are not the only one labouring away with seed.

 Cyclamen libanoticum from Green Ice Cyclamen seed company.

Geranium libani (syn. G. libanoticum of some authorities) this seed was from Jim & Jenny Archibald, but I did notice Oron Perri also lists this plant from seed.

Erythronium revolutum 'Peach' from SRGC 3/2010 buds and opens up to the flowers below, thank you to the seed donor.

 Pleonie Canberra not from seed, I grow these in the glass house, but they can be grown out side but in a shady protected position.

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