Friday, December 21, 2018

December 2018 
The garden is still looking good, as we have had lovely low temperatures and plenty of rain, so that
the flowers are not burnt and the foliage is still looking good.

Dryas octopetala Bunfight Pam K. 2013.

Saxifraga Kathlene Pinsett import New Zealand.

Saxifraga snowdrift import New Zealand.

Aquilegia cazorlensis syn Aquilegia pyrenacia above and below seed collected Cazorla Spain, a beautiful delicate Aquilegia the leaves are finally cut and the flowers are quite small compared to Aquilegia pyrenacia, a treasure. Semi Shade 30cm high.

Dianthus gratianopolitanus BF Helen W. 2009

Saponaria Bressingham Hybrid import New Zealand. Bred by Alan Bloom Horticulturist  of Bressingham Nursery Author of Alpines for trouble free gardening.

Saponaria ocymoides Aaron Seed.

Iris juncea from Spain, Ottos Garden in a Sunny position.

Oxalis Matthew Forrest these Oxalis are notoriously difficult to grow, in Otto's glass house.

Oxalis adenophylla growing in Otto's glass House from Essie Huxley the legendary Tasmanian Gardener.

An easy bulb for a sunny position Ornithogalum dubia New Zealand seed 2004, I find this species is not a nuisance, it does not self sow for me.

On behalf of the Alpine Garden Soc I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a great gardening year for 2019. Happy seed raising.

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