Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Iris graminea

The plum scented Iris graminea, don't mind being watered in the summer and are very easy to grow in Australia, flowering freely, but don't dry them out in summer they don't need a baking. So many beautiful colours all blending in. Iris graminea is widespread through central Europe from north-eastern Spain to western Russia, it is also present in the Caucasus. I did not see this Iris in Spain, and on mentioning Spain don't forget our meeting Saturday 25th November by your truly speaking on the Alpine plants of Spain, meetings are held in the Olinda Community Centre, Monbulk Olinda Road, Olinda 8.00pm

Androsace villosa taken in Fuente De 23km from Potes, you catch the El Cable car to the top where there is the most magnificent views and Alpine plants.

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