Sunday, July 2, 2017

Books to help with the identification of Marcus's seed

 A field guide to the Bulbs of Greece by Chris Grey Wilson published by the Alpine Garden Society is out of print now but is still available as a second hand copy. It has a lot of reference for us to help identify Marcus Harvey's seed that has been distributed at each of our last 3 or 4 meetings. As most of the seed was collected in Greece and Marcus own garden seed. There is good reference to the Colchicums, Galanthus, Fritillaria, Allium's and Tulipa.
I am sure that the Ferny Creek Horticultural Soc. Library would have copies for hire also.

Another book that you may be able to find secondhand is this book on Galanthus by Gunter Waldorf not too much information just enough for quick reference, with a coloured photo to help with identification.

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