Friday, May 19, 2017

Perfect Blue

Gentiana sino-ornata forming mats of 30-40cm, if only, my mat would be 15cm at most and I am quite chuffed by this beautiful blue Gentian with all its incredible markings. Autumn flowering from China 5,800m, in moist, acid fertile soil. Mine is doing best in the trough. I grew 2 seedlings and have put one in the garden, not growing terribly well, but the trough growing Gentian is doing beautifully, not a lot of flowers, well actually one only. From Vi Czech seed 10/2014 and the Dianthus microlepis below  also from Vi Czech seed 11/2015, is a tiny Dianthus really only suitable for a crevice garden or trough. Only 1 seed germinated, but that is all you need as you can propagate the Dianthus from cuttings or seed once I get it established. Dianthus microlepis is from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania, best in a lime free soil. There is a white form that looks very beautiful on the internet.

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