Sunday, April 9, 2017

Crocus Book

All the early birds should be receiving their Crocuses Book by Janis Ruksans by now, the people that prepaid before printing and signed by the author. It certainly is a beautiful book with Maps and localities of the different Crocuses, photos of the the Crocus flowers and corms, with all their layers, fibrous and non fibrous coatings to help to identify our Crocus. It is a very in-depth book and will be a valuable reference to our book shelves.

 One of our members features with the Crocus named after him, Crocus fauseri, these are 3 photo's that Otto sent to me last year to show me what Crocus fauseri looked like, and they are certainly good. I find there is something about Crocus with long black anthers they certainly draw your eyes to the centre of the flower.

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