Friday, March 10, 2017

Autumn Glories

Allium x nutans 'Millennium'  Christmas present, a lovely compact Allium for a sunny well drained position, this is its 2nd flowering.

Adenophora uehatae this is a gorgeous Adenophora for semi shade, substantial waxy blue bells only
10cm -13cm high but the blue bells are a good 3cms across. From plant Hunters in Tasmania. I think its full title should be Adenophora morrisonensis subsp. uehatae from China as our plant looks different from the AGS web site, Adenophora uethatae bells look narrower and smaller on their site . Flora of China says it also comes from Taiwan shaded scree. From the Campanulaceae family. (Above & Below)

Aralia californica from Craige at Sunnymead Farm, another woodlander the flowers are pretty insignificant, but these berries come out green then change to a maroon red to black. My son has a small dry but moist Creek running through his property and when he was digging this plant up for me to bring to our new garden he took a small division from the side, his would be three times the size of mine. But they will grow quite happily in a shaded position.

Colchicums are all out as you come in the gate.

Three different leaves of Cyclamen mirabile all seed grown from Holland from Cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Nicholas' and below is Cyclamen mirable 'Tilebarn Nicholas its self a beautiful pink leaf. (Below)

I just had to include this beautiful Cyclamen colchicum, talk about happy. I only grow this in the glass house right at the door where it gets a bit of the weather and breeze, heavily perfumed. From seed from Holland. Mine has not set seed even though I have hand pollinated it. Cyclamen purpurascens will not set seed in the glass house either but here in this garden it does, a bit of a mystery really. (Below)

Cyclamen purpurascens alba with 3 flowers this year slow to multiply also from Holland, Green Ice company. (Above)

Kirengeshoma palmate from Ken and Leslie Gillanders in Tasmania 1985, so many years old, but still a very favourite of mine. Growing in a woodland position with moisture in summer and a lime free soil. Coming from Japan.

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