Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Alpine Garden Soc. Victoria Group Bench Display from our August Meeting on Crevice Gardening.

A view of the bench from one end.

The bench from the other end.

Dionysia aretioides my plant from Ottos cutting.

  Fermi's gorgeous Hesperanths vaginata.

Primula x Kewensis from Verity & Palmero's Bun Fight plant Viv's.

Romulea bulbocodium from the Mediterranean.

Narcissus x triandrus Angels Breath displayed and grown by Verity and Palmero.

Narcissus x triandrus Angels Whisper, grown by Jon.

Green Pansy Envy, Jon's plant.

Anemone blanda from the Gordons Viv's plant.

Romulea flava Ferm's Plant.

Fermi's selection of mostly South African bulbs.
Photo's are all curtesy from Fermi thanks Fermi. Di our President thought you may enjoy what is displayed on our bench every meeting.

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