Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Good Range of Woodland Orchids in Australia.

A lovely group of woodland Orchids of Lynns Rare Plants before she moved to NSW, I took most of these photo's a few months before they were all loaded on to a hugh truck just to move her plants. From left is Cypripedium Phillip, Cypripedium Emile several Trilliums, Calanthe discolour in the back ground along with Calanthe tricarinata.

Lynn grows all of these Cypripediums and Calanthe in the garden they are watered in the drier months when all of her other woodland plants are watered. But it is the preparation of the soil that allows these plants to grow so beautifully, Lynn digs in course perlite, course leaf mulch, even chestnut husks just anything organic to aerate the soil. A small amount of blood and bone and a SMALL amount of dolomite lime is added, as her soil is acidic. I also think that digging and splitting these plants up, when they form a strong clump to sell, allows them to grow as they should and stops them getting over crowded, regenerating the plants all the time. The above is Cypripedium Sabine left and Cypripedium Phillip.

Cypripedium Kentuckiense hybrid front and at the back is 
Cypripedium Aki Pastel.

Cypripedium Kentuckiense hybrid close up.

Cypripedium Kentuckiense 

Cypripedium Phillip with Calanthe tricarinata in the back ground.

Cypripedium Emile above has differences between Cypripedium Hank below, which I am sure you will be able to pick up for yourselves.

Cypripedium Hank

Cypripedium Sabine

Cypripedium Kristi-Lyn

Cypripedium formosanum which I am responsible for introducing into Australia and Otto is responsible for keeping it alive and distributing all over Australia. Proving once again it it the best policy for keeping plants in cultivation, as you would need a cites certificate to import this plant now which is virtually impossible.

Calanthe hybrid a lovely form.

 Calanthe tricarinata

 Cymbidium goeringii

I would like to thank Lynn from Lynn's Rare Plants for helping me name some of my photo's and supplying me with others, you may have to put your name on the waiting list for some of these Cypripedium and Calanthe as they are in high demand as you can imagine.

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