Thursday, May 19, 2016

Even on the gloomiest of day's.
There is alway's some thing of interest out, Marg M. had this gorgeous pot of Narcissus Ta Julia on the kitchen bench this afternoon. The pot of Narcissus just sit out in the garden waiting to come into flower,  Marg did say it was the best that they had flowered since she had bought them from Glenbrook Bulb farm. Narcissus Ta Julia is a Rod Barwick cross or grex raised by crossing Narcissus Tarlatan with Narcissus Julia Jane, a lovely cross with that beautiful green centre and large flowering cups.

 An interesting South African bulb that was left in our rock garden by the previous owners Hypoxis longifolia, flowers for such a long period all summer, autumn and still flowering in winter certainly is good value. From South East Knysna to the Eastern Cape seasonally damp grassy flats and slopes, it grows in the rock garden photo below, in full sun with a little water in summer.

Our rock garden photo taken by Ray on the 24th October, something to look forward to again next spring.

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