Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hot Hot Hot!

I don't think I have ever known the tips of my Colchicums to burn from the sun, but they have this year,

Colchicum 'The Giant' with the light coming through the flower's.

Colchicum 'The Giant' showing the centre of the flowers, there is so much written about the size of the leaves of Colchicum, how they are so large, smothering the smaller plants. I just move the leaves out of the way when they start to do that using small stakes to keep them in position.

Colchicum autumnale Alboplenum

Colchicum autumnale Album

Colchicum cilicicum 

Colchicum baytopiorum from Hill View Rare Plants I apologise for the quality of the photo's for some reason they just would not take. I wanted to show the purplish-pink non-tessellated flowers with the white centre deep in the flower, and the yellow anthers and white filaments. Named after Professors Thurhan and Asuman Baytop who have discovered many interesting bulbous species in Turkey. This little species is protected by Artemisia canescens in my garden and is quite hardy in Australia classified as Not very Hardy in the books and internet.

Daphne sericea the 4 or 5 days of 39 deg C. temperatures did not seem to worry the Daphne's, Robin White's Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' (below) didn't turn a hair. Those of us who were lucky enough to see Sue and Robin Whites Blackthorn Nursery were very lucky indeed as I think the nursery is closed now but they still seem to be breading new Daphne. Daphne sericea I picked up at the bun fight from Fred a couple of years ago.

 Draba sphaeroides from Aaron NARGS seed, you can see where it gets its name from, happily growing in a trough. From north-eastern Nevada.

Campanula scheuchzeri (above and below) southern and central Europe in mountain meadows, raised from  Vi Piatek seed Czech Republic only 10cm tall, totally deciduous with me in the winter months I always think I have lost it.
Vi Piatek is not on our nursery lists as he does not want to be listed you will need to contact me or Fermi and we will email his email address to you.

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