Sunday, February 7, 2016

Autumn here already?

Some early Autumn bulbs in flower, each season alway's brings something exciting and there is much to look forward to. Normally I dread February because that is the fire season here, but we have had plenty of late summer rains and very cool nights and that stimulates the Autumn Bulbs into growth.
Just a few that are starting to flower.

Acis autumnalis an easy little bulb just loves a sunny position, they look fragile but are very tough.

One from Marcus Harvey, Hill View Rare Plants 2006 Acis valentinum flowering beautifully this year. Another one for a dry sunny position, they do like to be divided and replanted every so often.

Colchicum kotschi Archibald seed 1986 I have a dark flowering form (below) of C.kotschi also from the Archibalds, it is so hard to know if they are both correct or if Jim & Jenny collected the seed in different areas as there is a big difference in the flower colour did one seed get mixed up. I will probably never know. ( I have found out all of the bulbs are the same, the colour changes as the flower ages it turns a much darker colour).

Cholchicum turcicum (below) from Marcus Harvey again, 2002 a lovely tessellated flower, I do love the tessellation of the Colchicum flowers. Colchicum speciosum is the only Colchicum that I grow that needs a cool moist, not wet position to grow and flower well, there may be others but the majority of Colchicums that I grow need a deep soil, with a well drained sunny position.
There was a garden at Mt Macedon that grew C. speciosum in a cool semi shaded lawn, when our Alpine Garden group visited quite a few years ago and they were all out, it was a pleasure to see.

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