Thursday, November 19, 2015

In Memory of Margaret Taras.
It is with a heavy heart that I report on the passing of a member and dear friend Margaret Taras. Margaret joined The Alpine garden Society Vic Group in 1997-1998 and what a breath of fresh air she was, full of vitality and cheekiness. There was never a dull moment when Margaret was around every second of everyday was lived to the full.
Margaret loved her garden, chooks and two cats, she would not want to see us grieve over her, it would be all about some new plant, seed that she had found or a new knitting pattern, book or wool, what a joy she was. She had nick names for all of her friends Joy was 'Joyous', 'Mrs Shields', 'Herr Fauser', 'Raymondo' and I was 'Vivster'.
Marg was on the committee for about 8 years and as a group we raised money so that we could afford Public Liability Insurance and to bring International speakers to Australia. Marg was alway's there early  to help set up sales tables, carry all the heavy stuff, and on Trough day there we were on hands and knees sticking black plastic to the floor to protect it as we had to have the activity for 60 people indoors.
The photo I have chosen is how I remember her the best, I thought I had no photo's of Marg but on going through them there were many lovely ones, but this one was taken on a trip that quite a few of our group did in New Zealand in 2002, this was taken on Mt Robert on the South Island and Marg is collecting seed, this is how I will remember her, others will have their own memories.

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